The Sensational Asia Monet Brings Major Girl Power In New Music Video “Hey Girl” [ARTICLE]

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The blog site,, gives full access behind the scenes of Asia’s “Hey Girl” video in a new article:

“Hey girl, don’t you know that you are born a queen?” Well, the QUEEN herself, the one and only, Asia Monet Ray is at it again with another extraordinary, new single and it is bound to blow you away as soon as you hear it. The immensely talented, multi-threat Asia Monet Ray just released the music video for her new song, “Hey Girl” and it is pure perfection. Every one of Asia Monet Ray’s projects always turn out to be absolute masterpieces and “Hey Girl” definitely has to be one of her best songs yet!

“Hey Girl” is the greatest girl power anthem anyone could ask for. It’s uplifting, it’s motivating and it encourages girls to embrace all of the incredible things about them. Girls are unstoppable and when we join together and support one another, nothing can break us down. No words are sufficient enough to describe just how spectacular Asia Monet Ray’s new song is and it’s something that girls of all ages from all over the world need to listen to right now. [SOURCE]

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On October 17, 2018
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