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  1. Bobrae says:

    Do you have any spots on your show or songs

  2. allia says:

    i love this website and i really look up to you and your the reason i love to dance

  3. Kennedy says:

    Hey Asia..I Just Wanted To Say Hey,Everytime I See You,You Never Fail To Amaze Me ! 🙂 DONT Let Any One Put You Down And Today Is My
    Birthday Im 13 Now (Just Throwing That Out There) TMI Right IK And Your Much Younger Than Me But Your Still A Role Model And Inspiration !!
    P.S. Hope You Reply -XOXO Kennedy

  4. Mya Medjes says:

    YOU ARE AMAZING AT EVERYTHING YOU DO’ I love you gorgeous!!!

  5. dasia says:

    Hi asia my names dasia close to urs right ok back to the subject i adore u ur fierce sassy but funny like me i can dance but i want to sing please respond and can we be friends like idk not fan friend like a friend that u can realate to friend thanks and call me

  6. Avery says:

    Hi Asia!! I’m a big fan!! Your such a great dancer!! I can’t wait to see your new show!!

  7. Leah says:

    Hey Asia can u contact me back

  8. sammmy says:

    all i have to say is WOW ur only 8 and ur legit perfection ur a diva and i love it keep doing what your doing and dont ever let the haters bring you down girl u inspire me to never let the haters phase me im 14 and keep shining love u asia aka beyonce

  9. Atalia Bramble says:

    Hi asia my name is atalia I am 11 years old and I love dancing and singing I’ve been I a few plays before also, I’ve been dancing since I was 4 you inspired me so much and helped me improve by your videos saying believe in what you do thank you so much because of you I am a way better dancer my mom helps me a lot too my mom was a body builder and is still very strong she is on you tube search donnabramble if you would like to see her she’s the first one but hope you enjoy bye

  10. Kate Slowikowski says:


  11. Karen says:

    Hi im karen im live with lukemia please reply it would make my life complete

  12. Charlese says:

    Omg i think you are the most inspiring little dancer ever! I love watching you dance! You are just so fierce,and cute. I really wish i could meet you!! I am a dancer too but of course not as good as you !!!

  13. Myra Parolis says:

    I love you so much you are such an inspiration because you are so dedicated to what you do and you are amazing at dancing singing and acting and I just want to say I’m such a huge fan and will be as long as I live

  14. Tiffany Michelle Y says:

    You’re soo inspirational you are my idol! I hope one day I can be big with my singing like you are with your dancing! You are amazing.

  15. Carlotta says:

    Hi Asia! I’m excited for you and your accomplishments. You are such an inspirational little girl. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your growth. Love ya

  16. Shanyah Payne says:

    Love your website keep flowing your dreams

  17. Hey asia Monet I’m a big fan I’m 10years old I want to be come best friends can you tell me your phone number so I can call you

  18. Love your song please tell me your phone number don’t worry I’m 10years old

  19. Cici says:

    Hey. Remember me from ballet? I’m so happy for you and can’t wait to watch your new show!!!

  20. chi chi says:

    Hi asia i just want u to remember the haters are the ones who brought u where you are today

  21. Asia Monet says:

    Thank you everybody for taking time to visit my new web site I a so glad you all like it! I have been crazy busy with show coming out and doing promo stuff but love your feedback and will try to interact with you as often as I can!

  22. alima says:

    i dont have a website but i will make a youtube channel and as soon as possible i will give you a shoutout on my channel and aslo we can maybe do a collab thanks bye asia your the best!!!!!

  23. Talice Cue says:

    You are a beautiful wonderful diva and I’m a bit of a diva too

  24. Ari Iracks says:

    I love to dance doing and act just like you do and you are my inspiration and that’s why I keep dancing one day I wish I can see you in concert

  25. Ari Iracks says:

    That was suppose to say sing

  26. Rachael says:

    Asia is so amazing

  27. Ella W. says:

    Hi Asia, I’m Ella and I’m a hip hop dancer to. I love your show and want to be just like you, even though I’m 12. I shaved my head for kids with cancer. Not just cut it but I was bald. I shaved my head for my cousin who was 3 months old when she passed from a rare form of cancer. One of the parts that sticks out is that Rob Gronkowski, from the Patriots NFL in Rhode Island (where I live). But I dance about 10 hours a week, and I’m also on a team for conpetitions. (that you had to try out for) Yeah so any ways I just wanted to say that I love you and your dancing and I think your amazing. Keep your head up bæ❤️.

  28. Aaliyah says:

    Asia I like your music and your voice my name is aaliyah I would love to do a coltan with you I sing myself and I really like your style

    XOXO Aaliyah

  29. Dasha says:

    Hey Asia My Name is Dasha I just want you to know that your beautiful and very talented and know that you are very loved by people all around the world keep your head up and don’t let those stupid haters tear you down God put you in this position for a reason keep doing you GIRLY!!!! 🙂

  30. Rosy says:

    Asia.First Off I Love Your Website.Second I Love Your Show.I Hope You Have A Blast Doing It!

  31. Ana says:

    Hey Asia I really love your dance you are so cute and sassy n I like sassy n I just wanted to say hey n kik me if you have a kik mine is cheer_ghurl XOXO Ana 🙂

  32. Jakayla Hollway says:

    Hey Asia I’m like one of your biggest fans your just so talented and just keep up the amazing work !!!

  33. Gracie says:

    Hey Asia, I just wanted to say

  34. Aryel says:

    I love u Asia I want to be just like u if i ever become famous I hope we can become friends

    My Instagram is aryelcutie

  35. esther says:

    please come to the uk!

  36. Kendalll says:

    Ilys much I just sent u mail and ur concert was great I was at the one tht ur first episode of raising Asia

  37. Sierra says:

    I am going to mail you a letter so look out soon oh and I love your show

  38. Benslyne Lazarre says:

    hey Asia you are a role model to me and my friends and your the only reason we dance.

  39. Jessica Simon says:

    Hi my name is Jessica I’m 9 I love you!

  40. Anonymous says:

    Your sooo AMAZING Asia! Pans I’m really jealous because your only 9 or 10….u have a tv show, an album…like whaaaa? Ur just perfection

  41. Estrella says:

    Hello asia i just wanted to tell u that the way u dance and sing is so amazing.I wish u could come to houston,tx to sing and dance with some backup dancers that have six packs

  42. alexis says:

    Hi Asia its Alexis I am your BIGGEST FAN EVER!!!!!!!!! #asia Monet ray

  43. Naomi says:

    I love you’re website
    Naomi your biggest Fan

  44. saniya says:

    you are a great dancer dont let no one tell you difrent


  45. chelsea mcmartin says:

    Your so cool can you follow me on instagram

    my instagram is


  46. Nelson says:

    Hi I like u and u are 2 days older than me

  47. Nelson says:

    Just give me a message on Instagram @ nelsmoney I follow u

  48. chelsea says:

    your amazing thanks for being an entertainer

  49. samira says:

    you are so gorgeous and your cheeks are amazing i wish i had those your such an amazing dancer why did they kick u out of dance moms?

  50. Asia Monet says:

    You guys are the Best Fans! Thank you so much for the support!
    I’ll keep doing my best to keep doing my best for you guys!

    Love you,

    Asia Monet

  51. feliciti says:

    hi Asia I really want to meet you please reply back to me and your so pretty

  52. feliciti says:

    I’m begging you to give me your number

  53. feliciti says:

    soon I’m getting my singing and dancing website

  54. ZAMARIA says:




  57. Kaitlyn says:

    You are so amazingly talented! I love watching your youtube videos and i love love love your new show! Get so excited for Tuesday nights 🙂 Keep dancing never give up because you have a very special talent! x

  58. Rhett says:

    please text back asia on my email

  59. Lamar says:

    Your cute and can I have your number I’m lvmvr on Instagram my name is Lamar type it in on twitter or face book am I cute and be honest check your twitter come to my house maybe

  60. Lamar says:

    Come to my house please 3013east laffeyete park view square

  61. brandny says:

    Hi your a good and singer and I hope to meet you

  62. brandyn says:

    Your a good dancer also I enjoy your show and I’m nine but I’m about to turn ten

  63. miya mcmahon says:

    hi asia this is miya im a huge fan of you. i love your new show raising asia you are very talented keep up the good work. god gave you a special thing in your life i love you asia

  64. mkaylan says:

    hey asia I just wanted to say u are a talented girl and I wish I can be just like u

  65. Jaela says:

    Hi asia this is Jaela I really like your show raising asia because you are very good and I would like to have your talent. Also I wanted you to and I’m 10 years old and I hope you can tell my name to your parents and also you are so pretty and i hope we can meet one day

  66. Jaela says:

    I hope you are still up and if you are please text back I always hope I can text you

  67. diamonique says:

    omg asia you are amazing . keep up the great work. I hope to see you as big as beyonce. I love you soo much. my little sister adores you. shes 9. but anyways don’t let anyone hold you back. let the haters be your motivators. you are great at what you do and I hope to see you get better. im a huge fan.please follow me on instagram @__diamonique it would mean a lot. 🙂


  68. Trizzy says:

    Hey asia im trizzy nick name for tristyana I am such a big fan the first time I watched your show I fell in love with you and your family you are such a great dancer and your sis bella shes good at gymnastics. Im 11 with my life ahead of me I hope you dont end up like those people who make it big and then fall but I know that wont happen to you your to talented I will stay faithful to you and watch your tv show.all the time also I would love it if you followed me on instagram at stargold254 if you do I would love you more , bye asia love yah pls follow me your so amazing

  69. aj says:

    Your amazing where did you get your dance teachers?

  70. dmaiyah says:

    HI Asia i want to meet you because im am a dancer also and im an a dance group and your very pretty and your little sister is very cute

  71. erin says:

    Hi asia I’m erin I’m a girl I’m 9 years old well I’m a dancer can u follow
    Me on Google plus and can I text u on hangouts you are a great dancer
    Just do what u do best all follow your dreams well yeah by a is a plzz
    Replay today

  72. feliciti says:

    what’s your number

  73. Tamyra bartlette says:

    Asia can I work with you call my number from you fan mail thank you :):)

  74. Tamyra bartlette says:

    We have some stuff In common

  75. yalana says:

    Hi asia I’m yalana and I love your performances I hope you repy back love you♥:)

  76. Madison says:

    Hey Asia! Ilysm plz answer back

  77. Maddie wicks says:

    Dear Asia ,
    U are an inspiration to everyone and u really light the fire in her hearts when we watch you x you are extremely funny and that’s just what I like someone who can just be a complete true friend x and that is u Asia x I am only 9 so hopefully we could be pen pals or something x we are ur fans because your such a fabulous person x all my hugs Maddie x

  78. Kendall says:

    Asia can you tell me how to get an agent.

  79. Nyasia says:

    Hey Asia hopefully we can meet sometime my name is Nyasia its easy to remember because we got the same name kinda

  80. Alisa says:

    Asia I love u so much you are such a role model for even though I am 12 yeas old I love how u dance and I want to just like you are a inspiration to me I watch your show every please write back

  81. Asia you are beautiful and you have a pretty sister can you be my freind and can you talk about me on your show

  82. venice says:

    hey i love you asia you are my amazing im nine and i love dancing i might not be amazing like you are but you inspiered me try hard and anthing you can do if want to see me dance go check out venice give asia monet a shoutout so yeah love you and always be who you are so if you send me a picture of you id cry just becuase you sended that picture

  83. Dominique Green says:

    Hi Asia! How can I send videos to you? I have this great routine I want to show you for your song “Get Up, Get Down”!

  84. Zarriah Grant says:

    Hello Asia! My name is Zarriah and I am from Miami,Florida and I would like to tell u that u are the one and only Asia Ray and no one can take your amazing and outstanding place! You are a FIERCE dancer and every time u perform u bring it. You have two amazing parents and an amazing sister and u have a great family who loves u. I just wanted u to know that u have a very special place in my heart and I watch your show Rasing Asia and I see how u struggle before your performance , but when it’s time to perform u are just unbelievable. My birthday is September 26 and I just would love it of u could come down to union city , georgia to perform because it would make my week! I just wanted u to know that u keep me energized to dance and u are the ONE AND ONLY , FIERCEST ASIA MONET RAY! ILY

    Love your number one fan,
    Zarriah Grant

  85. Aliyah Andrews says:

    Hi Asia you are so talented. Please reply and also call me.Moms 850-368-4058 and dads 850-368-5379.Also please tell me your number so I know who it is.

  86. Aishe Iita says:

    Hi Asia Monet, my name is Aishe and I am 11 years old and I just want to say hi. I am your biggest fan and I think that your are so cool. How did you become such a wonderful dancer I wish i could be like you someday. I was hoping we could become friends even though i am in Beijing china because elf my moms work, maybe we can chat on twitter, kik, Skype anything.

  87. jada says:

    Hey Asia this is your most biggest fan I love your dating and I’m also a dancer and I really want to dance like you

  88. Maddie says:

    You are fantastic and you are the best dancer,singer and actor on the planet.youre the best.i am you’re number one fan

  89. John says:

    Hello asia your pretty and im ten so hello.

  90. John says:

    I like you im ten.

  91. John says:

    I like you asia im ten.xoxo

  92. Samuel Wolfe says:

    hi asia whats up I wish I can be your back up dancer I can do it trust me i like your dancing your filming and the new movie your in sister code when is it comeing out

  93. Samuel Wolfe says:

    can you contact me asia

  94. Samuel Wolfe says:

    I know how to do ryme raps

  95. Samuel Wolfe says:

    asia do you play clash of clans

  96. Samuel Wolfe says:

    asia you were famous from the starte that’s really good asia

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